Soy Candles & Goat's Milk Soaps
Made in Waveland, Mississippi by Treasures of the Bay

At Treasures of the Bay, We make and sell Our very own Brand of Soy Candles called "Candles by Treasures". Our Soy Candles are made from the Oil of Soy Beans and serve as a dual purpose candle. They not only provide a Wonderful Fragrance to fill our your home, but they also serve as a moisturizer for your skin. We currently offer 70 fragrances for you to select from. In Additions to a large selection of fragrances we offer a large selection of items, 2 candle sizes to choose from 8 oz. Jelly Jar Soy Candle or the 12.25 oz.Status Jar Soy Candle, Simmering Melts & Moisturizer Bars.

Treasures of the Bay
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Goats Milk Soaps
4.6 oz Bars
32 Fragrances
Goats Milk Lotions
8.0 oz Bottles
32 Fragrances
Fragranced Salt Scrubs
16.0 oz Bottles
32 Fragrances
12.25 Soy Candles
Status Jars w/Lids
70 Fragrances
8.0 oz. Soy Candles
Jelly Jars w/Rustic Lid
70 Fragrances
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